Business Transformation Analyst


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Job Description


This role will contribute towards the overall business transformation programme in alignment with the strategic direction of the business. This role is responsible for managing a well-defined project within a functional area, as well as within the agreed scope, quality, time and budget. This role will also perform financial and business modeling for strategic initiatives. The incumbent is individually accountable for achieving results through own efforts.



​Personal Effectiveness

Accepts and lives the company values.
Accountable for service delivery through own efforts.
Collaborates effectively with others to achieve personal results.
Individually accountable for managing own time, tasks and output quality over periods of 3 months to 1 year.
Makes increased contributions by broadening individual skills.
Budget Control

Manage project budget and costs

Adheres to standards and code of conduct.
Ensure standard project practices and methodologies are adopted.
Information Analysis

Provides quality information analysis to support key business decisions and reporting needs
Required to interpret data.
Required to research and suggest changes to `business as usual’ BI strategy to ensure continuous improvement and the implementation of current BI strategies.
Quality Assurance

Adheres to service and quality standards. Performs quality checks on own work

Bcom Hons (Accounting Finance )/ BCom Hons (Actuarial Science) / Bachelor of Engineering Recommended
At least 2-years relevant working experience
Minimum of 3-years experience in a similar role
Chartered financial analyst (CFA) / FASSA-ASSA / CA-SAICA of Equivalent Recommended
Skilled in budgeting, project budgeting, attentive to detail, good communication, information gathering, negotiation, organisation design, team oriented

Collate statistical information into reports and provide guidance on future BI strategy and business integration. Contributes to and aligns the transformation efforts with the strategic direction of business.

Manages and directs an accumulation of projects and programmes in order to achieve longer term strategic outcomes.

Monitors and controls the business change at a strategic and operational level.

Ensures alignment of senior stakeholders to strategic direction and gains their commitment to delivery of the business benefits.

Ultimately responsible for achieving both short term project success and longer term business benefits of transformation.

Ensures sound programme and project governance is adhered to throughout.

Monitors delivery of programme and the strategic objectives and takes appropriate action where necessary to ensure successful delivery

Manage key dependencies, roles and project risks.

Delivers specified requirements and meets customer satisfaction.

Reporting on project progress at regular intervals, to be presented to project boards

Escalates decisions and or unresolved issues and in doing so makes recommendations.

Liaising with vendors and suppliers/consultants.

Integrates delivery and metrics across the people, process, finance and customer dimensions of the business.

Establishes and updates project plans with actuals and forecasts, and manages deviations from the plan.

Plans and manages the deployment of resources to meet project milestones.

Manages the people, processes and technology required to deliver solutions effectively, according to the project requirements.

Stakeholder management.

Develops comprehensive process models that outline each route and what the business would look like.

Collects, manipulates and reviews data to provide a view of the impact of data on a value chain, provide recommendations, and tirelessly manage the implementation of approved recommendation

Develops business models in support of strategy initiatives.

Constructs financial models in support of strategy process, strategic projects or business case development.

Analyses OMSA and/or other companies for competitive analysis, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Collates research and data pertaining to external environment.

Analyses trends in business activities and strategic direction.

Investigates and conducts viability studies / expectation for small commercial business ventures.

Skills and Experience

Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar role, • At least 2 years relevant industry experience


Bachelor of Commerce Honours (BCom Hons): Accounting Finance, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree (BCom Hons): Actuarial Science, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)