Management Accountant – Rustenburg


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RCL Foods
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Management Accountant – Rustenburg
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South Africa
Job Description
The RCL FOODS Consumer division based in Rustenburg is seeking a Management Accountant to provide management accounting support and insight to internal stakeholders. The accountant would need to perform regular cost review, generate weekly product costing reports and compile a monthly report with appropriate explanations for the monthly management accounting pack.The job also entails ensuring costing integrity and assisting in the compilation of Capex motivations and other irregular requirements.
Minimum Requirements
BCom Accounting Degree Newly qualified CA(SA) will be advantageous 3 – 5 years experience as a management / cost accountant Experience using Management Accounting Costing Systems
Duties & Responsibilities
Monthly and quarterly completion of actualisation process as per the below: Production, material prices, output & manload, KPI’s, GL, Manload allocations, CCC recovery, GL vs MACS recon, one pager, variance analysis, per SKU comparison between months and quarters Presentation to Commercial team Be an integral part of the team comparing output per hour, per line, number of people per line, focussing on labour efficiency and identifying best practise in order to drive cost down Discussion around weekly manload against standard in processing KPI meetings (output & number of people) Attend daily planning & shift handover meetings in order to stay on top of processing issues Upload weekly production in MACS Update KPI’s (Farm condemns and DOA’s) weekly in MACS Generate GAP report latest Tuesday every week Distribute GAP report with interpretation to Commercial managers Monitor the unreconciled variance on the GAP report – the theoretical calculation should have zero unreconciled variance. Any variance in this line, indicates incorrect BOM’s and should be investigated. No changes to assembly BOM’s, packaging and ingredients & meat content without signature of QA & Processing KPI’s for farm and DOA’s could be updated weekly without signoff as divisor used for GAP calc is after deducting these KPI’s Comparing of actual retention to standard on a weekly basis, per brine type / ingredient component. Actual numbers on GAP report, should reflect the actual percentages measured by QA and not the theoretical % as per MACS. Trim imbalance should be investigated and resolved, signed off by QA and processing should any of the findings result in a change of BOM’s Audit file to be kept for any changes in BOM’s for audit purposes – signed copies. Integral part of processing meetings in order to get an understanding of efficiencies Packaging & Ingredients Update monthly production, consumption & prices in MACS Update quarterly avg prices in MACS Compile P&I report as per timetable ensuring there are no components on the report without a price P&I report to be presented to Commercial Manager (R van Eck) as per timetable, including identification of problem areas and action plan Monthly P&I meeting with processing as per timetable Monthly follow up on progress based on action list identified in processing meeting Monthly communication to Commercial Managers (R van Eck & J Chambers) on status of action list, including responsible persons. As per 4+1 agreed in F16: Report on wastage reduction initiative highlighting to the Commercial Managers (R van Eck & J Chambers) the price, volume and absolute wastage variances for follow up with the sourcing, processing & quality teams. Highlight top 80% value as well as quantity variance in monthly meetings with processing. Report price variances to procurement on monthly basis and follow up Support National packaging & ingredient reporting & waste standardisation initiatives – headed up my Marli Making sure actual waste recordings are done every day Making sure the weekly report is submitted to Marli Highlight any possible issues in daily KPI meetings Highlight waste / price variances in P&I meetings Costings Costings for new Product Developments for Worcester Completion of NPD costings & spec amendments via workflow within 3 working days of receipt of the request on workflow. 3 days include costing, review, corrections, should be in final form on workflow, ready for submission to commercial sales. Costings should be completed and submitted via Workflow by end day 2 in order for analysis etc to be completed by Shalin. New Product Development New Product Developments for Worcester Involvement with NPD team when trials are done, in order to fully understand the process, material requirement, labour requirement etc. Integral part of NPD trials in order to have a clear understanding from a costing perspective Audits On yearly cycle, audit all BOM’s in Worcester Meat, packaging and ingredients – usage against spec Carton mass – actual against spec, investigate fixed mass gain / loss On yearly cycle Cut loss per line Spin chiller pickup & drip loss to cutline Get signoff from processing, QA and commercial on required BOM changes Feed required BOM changes for discussion with R&D, contact person = Shalin Cut & trim differences on deboning specific, understanding which SKU’s causes trimmings and which SKU’s consume trimmings Audit linkage on routings for Worcester – products per line as well as standard output per Controls Implement traceability in Worcester for KFC Maintain KFC traceability reporting, reporting anomalies on daily basis to Commercial Managers (J Chambers & R van Eck) Implement & maintain the recording of actual waste per line Report back on a weekly basis to Marli on weekly actual waste recording Ad hoc functions as required by Commercial Manager (National Costing) from time to time
We are committed to Employment Equity when recruiting internally and externally. It is company policy to promote from within wherever possible. Therefore, please be aware that internal candidates will be considered first before reviewing external applicants, provided that this supports achievement of our Employment Equity goals